Mason Jar Candles

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16 oz mason jar soy candles add a fresh farmhouse feel to any room. These soy candles feature a vintage copper lid.

candle care..

Memory Burn! Yes, it's true. The first bum is so important for the life of your candle. Not having the wax fully pool to the edge will cause it to tunnel on later burns. Soy wax remembers where it last burned and will stop there with each lighting. creating a memory!

First Bum: 3-4 hours, long enough for the wax to melt fully across the width of the jar. Additional burns 1-2 hrs

A full melt pool on the first bum will ensure an even bun for each lighting after that, thus avoiding the wax tunneling down the center.

A full melt pool also increases the scent throw, which releases the maximum fragrance

Keep wicks trimmed to 1/4" at all times, including when relighting

Keep all objects, including matches & wick trimmings, out of candle.

Burn on heat-safe surface.

Scent: Clothesline Breeze