Checker cardigan

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The cardigan you described has dropped shoulders, meaning that the shoulder seams are lower than the actual shoulder line, creating a relaxed and slightly oversized fit. It features long sleeves, which extend down to the wrists. The cardigan has a relaxed fit, meaning it is not form-fitting but rather loose and comfortable.

The length of the cardigan is described as mid crop, indicating that it falls somewhere between the waist and hip length. It may cover the waistline or end just above or below it, depending on the individual's body proportions. This length is often chosen for a trendy and casual look.

The cardigan also features a checker pattern, which typically consists of a repeating design made up of squares or checks. The specific pattern may vary, but it usually involves a combination of contrasting colors or tones in a checkered arrangement.

Overall, the cardigan is designed to have an oversized and relaxed fit, with dropped shoulders and long sleeves. Its mid crop length and checker pattern add style and visual interest to the garment.

Size: S