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About Us

Twisted TX Tanning & Boutique started as a tanning salon with a small boutique up front. It didn’t take long to evolve into a boutique with a few tanning beds in the back.

It was my wife's dream to own a boutique of her own and have somewhere to spend her time when she eventually retires. However, until that day comes, I’m there to keep the place from burning down.

We’ve been very blessed along the way. So many people came into our lives that made this dream come true and made it possible to still be here 5 years later. I’m very grateful and thankful for each and every one that played a part in making TTT what it is today. If someone asked me what the secret is, I would say “treat people the way you want to be treated.” It sounds simple but if you treat customers with care and respect they’ll come back. If you treat your staff with respect and dignity, they’re eager to serve and grow with you.

So thank you all who come in to shop, to tan, and/or just hang out. Thanks to all the folks who like, share, and tag on our fb posts. Your support is helping girls get through college and teaching them lessons they won’t learn in a classroom. It’s giving us a purpose and a way to give back to the community. Most of all, your support is helping me make my wife’s dreams come true.