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The following fragrance blends are hand-blended and completely exclusive to Little Wing Candle Co. 

Guest House - a dupe of Tyler Candle Company’s High Maintenance with my own special twist! This is a gorgeous, crisp, earthy linen scent. Fragrance notes: Egyptian cotton, patchouli, musk

Sanctuary - a dupe of Tyler Candle Company’s Diva with my own special twist! This intoxicating blend is another bestselling laundry and home scent. Fragrance notes: green musk, amber, citrus rind, and a hint of fennel  

JIREH - the scent Burn Book is making a comeback with a new name! This is a warm, cozy, woody, sultry scent. Fragrance notes: chestnut, crackling fire, smoked vanilla

Love & Light - very sweet and fruity, like the sherbet punch served at baby showers. Fragrance notes: citrus, pineapple, cilantro

From Eden - named after the song by Hozier, this is the only floral scent I actually love enough to burn on my own home. Light, airy, addictive—it smells like home. Fragrance notes: mokara orchid, hyacinth, breeze accord

The Maker - this is a very realistic, natural, velvety sandalwood scent that stands alone as the best sandalwood scent ever! It smells like a workshop. 

The Inside Job - this blend smells like the bar top of a beautiful, historical cocktail lounge. Fragrance notes: rum, coffee, vetiver, cyanide accord, orange blossom, sugar cane, sandalwood. 

Lift Every Voice - named after the spiritual anthem by Michael Cooper, this scent is dedicated to the hope of love and unity. A beautiful, crowd-pleasing blend that everyone will love! Fragrance notes: spun sugar, Moroccan cashmere, shea butter, warm amber

Good Days - named after the song by Sza, this blend is a feel-good, fruity, fun scent. Fragrance notes: Fuji apple, nectar, leaf

In Your Atmosphere - named after the song by John Mayer, this is a very crisp, clean, sparkly, effervescent scent blend. Fragrance notes: bergamot, white tea, grapefruit, vetiver, white musk

Emily’s Closet - this dupe of Baccarat 540 will be available in candle/wax melt form permanently! Fragrance notes: saffron petals, warm amber, citrus rinds, rose hips

PTL - this acronym could stand for Passion Tea Lemonade, or Praise The Lord (depending on your preferences). Fragrance notes: dragonfruit, mango, peach, tea leaves, floral petals

Shrike - named after the Hozier song, this scent smells like the desert when it rains. Fragrance notes: agave nectar, wet creosote, hot petrichor, earthy greens

Beth: a dark, seductive, sultry perfume scent that has become a fast bestseller. Fragrance notes: dark plum, rich bourbon, vanilla woods, pink musk

Rip: the companion blend to Beth, it’s the masculine version of a dark, seductive, boozy scent. Fragrance notes: vanilla woods, rich bourbon, dark musk

Space Cowboy: Inspired by the Kacey Musgraves song, this blend is masculine-leaning, clean, and very fresh. Fragrance notes: citrus zest, tea leaves, morning mist, tonka bean, vetiver root, shaved rosewood, crushed cedre, and black amber resin.

Butterflies: Inspired by the Kacey Musgraves song, this blend is bright, happy, sweet, and fruity. It reminds me of the taste of peach rings! Fragrance notes: sparkling moscato, fresh strawberries, raspberries, and peach nectar. 

Golden Girl: This fragrance is crisp, complex, and very bright and energetic. It smells like the color canary yellow! Fragrance notes: Italian lemon, bergamot, grapefruit, green tea, fig nectar, sparkly pink pepper, jasmine, and a low base of cedar wood. 

Made New: This fragrance is very hard to describe, but comparable to Dreft detergent. It is is a clean, fresh laundry scent that is not powdery or hand-soapy. It smells like the color aqua blue. Fragrance notes: apple blossom, soft linen.

Calypso: This fragrance is decadent, rich, warm, and glowy--just like a sun goddess! This blend is highly addictive and has become my personal favorite. Fragrance notes: warm coconut, gentle florals, slight citrus, vanilla bean. It smells like sunshine and warmth.

Persephone: This fragrance is dark, sexy, complex, and upscale. Fragrance notes: dark rose, peppered plum, black raspberry, vanilla bean, musk. It is a very sophisticated smell and will likely surprise you.

Butt Rub: This fragrance isn't a blend; it's the exact dupe for Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, a very popular body lotion sold at high-end cosmetic stores. This scent is absolutely irresistible and loved by many, including myself. Fragrance notes: caramel, pistachio, cashmere.

Gucci Belt: When your teenager asks for one, hand them this instead! It is a delicious blend of genuine leather and creamy, sweet vanilla. This one flies off the shelves at boutiques!

On My Way!: This is the fragrance you're going to want to burn as soon as your partner texts you that they are on their way home--they will think you've been cleaning and doing laundry all day instead of bingeing Hulu for 6 hours. This fragrance is very fresh and clean while also being slightly warm, woody, and glowy. Fragrance notes: bamboo, chestnut, teakwood, birch.

Girls' Trip: This blend is really fun! When I smell it, I feel like I'm shopping with my mom or packed in a car with all my girl friends and their luggage. It's a mixture of leather and very bougie, boutique-y perfume. Fragrance notes: genuine leather, rose, jasmine, bright citrus

Neon Moon: This candle is inspired by Kacey Musgraves' cover of the original Brooks & Dunn song we all love. It smells very fresh, airy, and clean, and it's one that I burn often in my home. Fragrance notes: salt water, orchid, plum, dark musk.

Summer Storm: This fragrance is slightly masculine and very dark/herbal. It's earthy and deep and smells very comforting. Fragrance notes: mahogany, teakwood, black amber, lavender.

Style: Night shift